ANVAM’s success depends entirely upon reaching veterans in the community who would like to engage with our Arts programs (visual, auditory, written and performing).

It is through ex-service organisations (ESOs), veterans’ support organisations (VSOs) and other supportive organisations that we make contact with their veteran members and their families.

We value the support of these organisations and seek to enhance our relationships with them. If your organisation would like to connect with ANVAM please send us an email via

3Elements Coffee

3Elements Coffee is sponsoring veterans’ Arts through sales of its ANVAM Victory Blend. This blend has a special focus on veterans Arts, which is available from 3Elements Coffee:

Council of Supporters

The Council of Supporters is a small group of appointed representatives from organisations that support the ideals of ANVAM.

The Council is the primary interface between ANVAM and all Australian ex-service organisations (ESOs), veterans’ support organisations (VSOs) and other supportive organisations. Its functions are:

  • To promote the vision and goals of ANVAM in order to stimulate support of business, government and community for ANVAM.
  • To provide advice to the ANVAM Executive and the ANVAM Board of Directors on matters relevant to the development of ANVAM and its facilities.
  • To communicate with, and represent the views of Council members’ organisations and other ANVAM supporters, to the Executive of ANVAM and the Board of Directors.
  • To promote the expansion of ANVAM programs to all ESOs, VSOs and other organisations.