March to Art : Place

6-25 April 2021

March to Art is the Australian National Veterans Arts Museum’s (ANVAM) annual exhibition of art by veterans and family members.

Place – a particular portion of space, whether of definite or indefinite extent.

To create this exhibition, living veteran photographers and their families have ventured into the world equipped with today’s digital technology to photograph the places that inspire and matter to them: somewhere lived, encountered, remembered or imagined.

From everyday photographs to software-finished images, the exhibition presents places as varied as the photographers’ practices, rendered in often highly personal and artful ways. The curatorial ambition for the show is simply to give audiences different apertures through which to see and discover shared meaning in all manner of places.

Curated – Bruce Copland

Arts Facilitator – Tanja Johnston (Head of Arts Programs)

Exhibiting Artists:

  • Maria Augustus-Dunn & Brad Dunn
  • Mathew Bell
  • Ken Bullman
  • Matt Burgess
  • Nathan Breakwell
  • Chad Dobbs
  • Warrick Eady
  • Kris Kerehona
  • Tracey Nearmy
  • Kris O’Brien-Sutherland
  • Scott Perrin
  • Kathryn Rae
  • Priscilla Reid-Loynes
  • Elena Rowland
  • Beau Smith
  • Mark Toogood
  • JT
  • Jan Wallace

No Vacancy Gallery / QV

34-40 Jane Bell Lane

Melbourne, VIC 3000

(off Russell St near Officeworks)


Wheelchair accessible



Mon-Wed / 10am-4pm

Thu – Fri / 11am – 5pm

Sat & Sun / 1pm – 4pm